Composite Video Cable

RCA Male  - RCA Male
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  • Our Audio and Video Cables offer high-quality vivid detail and color for today's video and home theater applications. These cost-effective performance cables give you maximum picture and sound quality compared to ordinary "out of the box" cables. Low-loss 75ohm oxygen-free copper center conductors and foam dielectric provides improved picture quality and performance. Twisted pair, oxygen-free copper wire and foam dielectric provide optimized audio clarity. The 100% Mylar foil and braid shield protects against unwanted noise and interference. The color- coded mold connectors attach to an ultra flexible jacket allowing for easy installation and identification.


Product Specification
  • Perfect for all RCA Composite Audio & Video Devises and Displays
  • 75-Ohm Impedance Insures the Sharpest Images
  • Superior Performance, Guaranteed
  • Cable Length:1.8m, 3m, 5m
6.0 ft


1.8 m


10 ft 3H-041020-101 3.0 m 3H-041021-101
15 ft 3H-041022-101 5.0 m 3H-041023-101