Simplex Single-Mode ( 9/125um ) SC to SC

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  • A technology that uses glass (or plastic) threads (fibers) to transmit data. A fiber optic cable consists of a bundle of glass threads, each of which is capable of transmitting messages modulated onto light waves. Fiber optics has several advantages over traditional metal communications lines :

    • Greater bandwidth than metal cables (up to gigabytes)
    • Less susceptible than metal cables to interference
    • Much thinner and lighter than metal wires
    • Data can be transmitted as Digital or Analog

    Fiber optics is a particularly popular technology for local-area networks. In addition, telephone companies are steadily replacing traditional telephone lines with fiber optic cables. In the future, almost all communications will employ fiber optics.


    ○  Applicable Documents:Bellcore Gr-326-CORE    
    ○  Insertion Loss:≦0.20dB(SM) ; ≦0.30dB(MM)
    ○  Return Loss:≧SPC55dB;≧UPC60dB;APC65dB
    ○  Temp Range:-40C to +75C
    ○  Durability:<0.2dB change after 500 cycles  
    ○  Boot and Dustcap colors:Blue/Black/Green/Red ...

      ○ Aplicable Documents:Bellcore GR-326-CORE 
    ○ Insertion Loss :≦0.3dB(SM);≦0.5dB(MM) 
    ○ Return Loss:SPC≧50dB.UPC.≧55dB.APC.≧65dB 
    ○ Temp. Range: -40C to 75C 
    ○ Durablity: <0.2dB change after 500 cycles 
    ○ Boot and Dustcap color : Blue/Black/Yellow/Red...

      ○ Applicable Documents:Bellcore GR-326-CORE 
    ○ Insertion Loss:≦0.20dB(SM) ; ≦0.30dB(MM)  
    ○ Return Loss:SPC≧50dB.UPC≧55dB APC.≧65dB
    ○ Temp Range:-40C to +75C 
    ○ Durability:<0.2dB change after 500 cycles 
    ○ Boot and Dustcap colors:Blue/Red/Yellow...

      ○ Applicable Documents: Bellcore GR-326-CORE
    ○ Insertion Loss:≦0.30dB(SM) normal ; ≦0.2dB typcial ;≦0.30dB(MM)normal ; ≦0.2dB typcial
    ○ Return Loss: 45dB normal, 50dB typcial.
    ○ Temp Range: -40C to +75C
    ○ Durability: <0.2dB change after 500 cycles

      ○ Applicable Documents: TIA-EIA-568-A
    ○ Performance Sepecifcations:0.2dB
    ○ Temp Range:-40C to + 80C
1 m


2 m 3Q-101B02-101
3 m 3Q-101B03-101
5 m 3Q-101B04-101
7 m 3Q-101B05-101
10 m 3Q-101B06-101
15 m 3Q-101B07-101
20 m 3Q-101B08-101