SATA 15Pin x 2 - 4Pin Housing Power

Internal Hard Driver Power Cable
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Hard drives are the primary bottlenecks in today's high-speed computers, and this is partially due to the limitations of PATA. Since Serial ATA is a completely new and faster standard, there will be an industry wide move over to new hard drives,controllers, and connectors-essentially everything will move to Serial ATA.

150 Mbyte/s maximum transfer rate ( 300 / 600 MByte/s envisioned for the future ) between two SATA I (150Mb) devices, capable up to 4.5 Gbyte/s Hot-plug capability ; Two power saving modes : partial and slumber Overlapping (commands) ; Tagged command queueing Smaller, longer and more flexible cable and Smaller connector.

  • Maxium Transfer Speed : 150 MB/S (Up to 4.5 Gbs)
  • Maximum Length : 1 Meter
  • SATA I & II Specification Compliant
  • Note : The Maximum Transfer Rate is 4.5 Gbs for The Cable