USB A to A Female Extender

USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Cable, A Male to A Female
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USB (Universal Serial Bus) is the most- popular interface in the connectivity of PC architecture. It is a fast, bi- directional, isochronous, low-cost, and a dynamically attachable serial interface that is consistent with the requirements of PC platform of today and tomorrow. USB cables have four conductors: a twisted signal pair and a power pair in a range of permitted gauges. USB cables also supports Plug & Play and Hot Swappable capability.


Product Specification :

  • Hi-Speed Connection at 480 Mbps
  • Compatible with USB enable computers
  • Superior Performance
  • Cable Length : 1m, 1.8m, 3m, 5m
  • Cable Connections: USB A Male to A Female
3.0 ft


1.0 m


6.0 ft 33-220516-101 1.8 m 33-220517-101
10 ft 33-220518-101 3.0 m 33-220519-101
15 ft 33-220520-101 5.0 m 33-220521-101